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Kleerup The Dance Floor …..PARR !!!!

Okay summer has come, the orange tan look has become totally unacceptable and school uniform just horrendous. But anyway we have SUN!!!!! for an African boy like me that’s all you really need to make the people happy plus some “banging” tunes. So here you go fellow humans :


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So the summer of 2011 has finally come, well technically speaking we’re still in spring, fuck it im african. To accompany such amazing weather we must have “amazing” music. Whilst  searching for the perfect song to accompany the recent riots and other stuff a stumbled upon a Grifthop band named Brother, not to be confused with their appalling Celtic Rock counterparts. The band hail from Slough, and have received great reviews from radio djs such as Zane Lowe and music journalist Paul Lester. The recent hit Darling Buds of May is flipping awesome, the lyrics are catchy simple but also raw and in your fucking face, if you get what I mean.


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