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Death of Apple

As more and more children get hypnotized by consumer technology, is it possible that the  kids of the “Apple Era” are getting more disconnected with the real in word ?When the first telephone was  invented  in March 1876  it sparked a new age of communication, people could talk and send messages all over the world, people could remain distant but still in touch, relationships are now started and ended over phone calls texts and multiple social networking sites.

Looking back the past century, we realize that a child’s childhood has become more restricted and limited, this could be due to a number of different factors one being the world is perceived to be more and more dangerous with war, rising crime rate, paedophilia and other things but is the world really getting more dangerous ?  According to recent crime rate figures the world is actually getting a lot safer ,this can be a debatable conclusion, it seems as the public perception has gotten more negative the safety measures we have put in to counter these things have actually done their job.

In many ways this has resulted in “The death of childhood” children are  bottling  up their passions and the ability to be creative has gone to other more dangerous past times , this can be backed up by the rise in teenage pregnancies and binge drinking. The child of the 1950’s is totally different from the child of 2010.

Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping our distance. Till we just stayed distant and never touched, now all we do is text too much” an important quote in understanding of how the media and technology has changed are ways of communicating and socializing.

Apple  was founded in 1976 by a man named Steve Jobs, the company revolutionized the way computers and personal media players were thought to look and be made. Since then I think it has become a money-eating machine hungry on global domination, pumped up with brand boosting steroids, the public has become obsessed in buying branded products and have lost a sense of being unique and diverse. Photographers Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild have really challenged the world’s view on Apple products, by destroying new Apple-branded products Michael and Paul have questioned what these products actually mean to you, an amazingly clever use of photography was used and a great viewing experience.

Destroyed Apple Iphone 4


The remains of an Ipod Touch

Ipad with multiple bullet holes



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