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DDark – New British Talent

DDark is a rapper/producer from East-London, he has worked with the likes of Chipmunk and other great UK Rap stars. As a teenager  DDark was already producing music and rapping;  since then he has featured on Channel U and BBC Radio 1xtra. He has got what I like to call an aristocratic flow which is a mix of educated lyrics and knock-out rhythm. On the producing side of things, he has made tunes for artists such as  Xploder and  Highly Rated, and occasionally dabbles in dubstep, house and electro. Great lyrics, sick beats, watch this space because DDark is about to blow.

Catch him on  Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and Facebook


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Kleerup The Dance Floor …..PARR !!!!

Okay summer has come, the orange tan look has become totally unacceptable and school uniform just horrendous. But anyway we have SUN!!!!! for an African boy like me that’s all you really need to make the people happy plus some “banging” tunes. So here you go fellow humans :

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Homage to a true artist

Gil Scott-Heron was a leader, a poet, a rapper, a artist and a truly remarkable human being. R.I.P Mr Scott-Heron.

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The Dogg in Sheen

Snoop Dogg teams up with Two and Half Men’s famous tiger-blooded star Charlie Sheen, in his new Retro/80’s track “Winning”. Since Snoop’s last auto-tune failure, the Long Beach born rapper has decided to jump on the Sheen bandwagon, in an attempt to gain media attention. The track features the voice of Charlie Sheen repeatedly saying “Winning”; the actor has been quoted to say the song is about “everything in life”. Whether the song is “Winning” or not is another matter.

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Work Experience

So far work experience has consisted of trips to banks and various fast food stores, and also cleaning instruments that are worth more than my personal possessions it has been fun and tiring but i guess that’s the work in the experience 😀

pleasant humour at your doorstep (literally)


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Gambino The Rap Hero

Meet Donald Mckinley Glover the 27-year-old genius.Glover, an actor how has starred in the NBC hit series Community  and has been a writer for 3o Rock, he has now turned his talents to a career in the Hip-Hop industry as a rapper / MC .

Gambino has the flow of Lil Wayne backed with the brains of Stephen Fry some how he is able to mix up a concoction  of rhymes  and lyrical poetry which as it stands, makes him one of the best.

Don Glover the black Clark Kent

Growing up as an outcast in suburban America, Glover has always had dreams and ambitions of a Hip-Hop career but thought it was too risky and pursued a more theatrical life also venturing into stand up comedy. Since 2008 Glovers ambitions have turned into reality as Childish Gambino ( a name coincidently he found on a Wu-Tang Clan generator )  Glover continues to push the barriers of commercial Hip-Hop bringing wit and intelligence to the rap game, he also manages to challenge racial / sexual stereotyping at the same time, you may as well call him Clark Kent.

Childish Gambino Top 5 :

  1. Freaks and Geeks
  2. Bitch, Look At Me Now
  3. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix) ft Childish Gambino
  4. Let Me Dope You
  5. Put It In My Video

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So the summer of 2011 has finally come, well technically speaking we’re still in spring, fuck it im african. To accompany such amazing weather we must have “amazing” music. Whilst  searching for the perfect song to accompany the recent riots and other stuff a stumbled upon a Grifthop band named Brother, not to be confused with their appalling Celtic Rock counterparts. The band hail from Slough, and have received great reviews from radio djs such as Zane Lowe and music journalist Paul Lester. The recent hit Darling Buds of May is flipping awesome, the lyrics are catchy simple but also raw and in your fucking face, if you get what I mean.


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