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Fuck CDs bring back Cassettes

New Cassettes have been the background band for a bit too long, having been together for about six years and also supporting bands such as The Strokes and Friendly Fires, and to top it off, they were the first band to play at Latitude; it’s about time they receive the public attention they deserve.

New Cassettes

With an EP coming out soon and various other projects running (such as a the launching of a new MTV service and a huge hush-hush project with The Inbetweeners US show), the Northampton band are definitely a “one to look out for”

Top 5 Must Listen :

P.S Listen too all the songs they are all AMAZINGLY AWESOME !!!! and also Tommy Francis is a LEEEEEGEND  (as he likes to say).


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Sometimes school assemblies are rather fun…..

I remember being 12 and in year 7, it was one of those workshop days where the school got a whole bunch of boring and benign individuals and made them stand in front of you and talk. Sitting down in my chair I decided to make myself extremely comfortable, gathering that I would be sitting in it for the next 30-40 minutes I may as-well be comfortable shouldn’t I. So here I am a bratty little 12-year-old kid thinking of the most vile things to call this man after the assembly had finished. He entered wearing jeans and a nice shirt I remembered, I remember thinking hmm he’s rather short, but when he started speaking boy did that change things. THE GUY WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTING …….SERIOUSLY !!!!

I mean he had all these neat diaries and all these stories of him being a journalist, script writer and come on he worked for NME. Back then I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what NME was but now I’m and avid reader owning more than 30 copies of it. I love NME and he was editor of Q. Okay this was just too awesome, too overwhelming it was immense its just mind-blowing maybe im over exaggerating things but oh well, the guy went to the same school as me and had done so many awesome things I think having him only a meters distant from you and actually talking to you was just an jaw-dropping experience. So this post is dedicated to him, Thank-You Andrew Collins for existing 🙂

An Amazing Guy

An Amazing Guy

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The craziness in english part 2

Okay the whole of this page will be devoted to the first page of randomness I produced in English….so be warned

I saw three chickens cross the road, one wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket, the other wore a pair of Adidas they where Hi-Tops, the last wasn’t wearing anything. They where walking on a back alley in Japan with noodles in their wings, they where about to attend a rock concert which apparently the Queen was attending, some times she goes to rock concerts…..

Im in the sky floating and air guitaring with a pair of Skullcandy headphones and rocking out to Kasabian. The clouds around me turned into Epiphone Coronets (my favourite guitar) and they started humming to the beat.

I start falling and I’m base jumping in Dubai and its awesome.

the chicken mishap

My Favourite Guitar

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The craziness of english

First of all why do you get really interesting teachers in English, I mean mine is Canadian I find that too cool. Any-ways my English started of really weird drawing a figure 8 in our books then writing the first three words that came to our heads, I wrote “Drums,pancake,ball” my amazing friend Jarone then wrote “I am Kangaroo”,I mean if there ever was a need for a “What the actual fuck moment” then this would be on of them. from there we had to “Free write” I think its called where we had to write constantly with out stopping for 5 minutes, writing anything that came to mind. This is where the real craziness began I wrote about three chickens in skinny jeans my friend just did a list of random locations. This is definitely one of my favourite lessons.

P.S there will be future posts of the stuff I came up with

The madness

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Chaos in Maths

So today wasn’t that interesting apart from the creative writing task we had in English but I’ll talk more about that on the next post. What was interesting was maths, usually maths bores me to the point I find my self wishing I was on a deserted island with nothing but an old camel to befriend but today its was actually fantastically funny. It started of with a slap duel with my Chinese friend Zhen, he fought well but then finally gave up after that we where given our results for the maths mock exam, everyone including me thought we where going to fail, even the teacher he began the listen with a lecture, which I think he made up as he went along, in which he stated how disappointed he was with us how half of us failed and the others did well. Well Mr (Hilter’s Fat Brother) thats what you get when you give us an exam half way into the lesson just after a fire drill. Well to continue, I thought this was going to be one of my routine fails, I’d even took the liberty to write “Bound to Fail” over the front of the exam, but to my dismay I hadn’t failed but had got a B with a mark of 19 out of some random number. YAY ME !!!

Oh and I managed to take a picture of my friend Jonny just as he had given me one of his “I’m going to stab you” death threats….

Epic Fail into an Epic Win

The Stabber………….

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