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The Dogg in Sheen

Snoop Dogg teams up with Two and Half Men’s famous tiger-blooded star Charlie Sheen, in his new Retro/80’s track “Winning”. Since Snoop’s last auto-tune failure, the Long Beach born rapper has decided to jump on the Sheen bandwagon, in an attempt to gain media attention. The track features the voice of Charlie Sheen repeatedly saying “Winning”; the actor has been quoted to say the song is about “everything in life”. Whether the song is “Winning” or not is another matter.


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I smell a riot

I feel the need to protest maybe its my teenage hormones fuelling the need to go all anarchy and go against society, I don’t care I wanna do it, to feel the “comforting” protection of a riot shield and to hold a truncheon that  I have miraculously taken from a member of the riot police. This is my dream my ambition to fuck with everyone make people smile and also really angry, to spit in the face of mainstream ideologies. I am who I am and no-one can fuck with that ever, so yes this is a rant but also the first speech of a crazed politician, an angry camel looking Libyan dictator. I will don the crown of graciousness and you mere peasants will bow down before me.

To those who approve of the socialist bullshit I have being posting, you deserve a massive medallion …..POWER TO THE PEOPLE BITCHES !!!

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The hiatus has left the building ……

I gather that I havent posted in a while, but then again no-one appears to be reading it. I hope that changes soon but anyway here I am, Sam I am and the green eggs are still here waiting for me………………………………RAWR !!!!!!!

My amazing girlfriend's paint skills 🙂

Definition of Hiatus :

  • suspension: an interruption in the intensity or amount of something
  • a missing piece (as a gap in a manuscript)
  • foramen: a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure
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    There are some days where you think “Damn I’m so proud to be human” this video fully amplifies that.

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    The craziness in english part 2

    Okay the whole of this page will be devoted to the first page of randomness I produced in English….so be warned

    I saw three chickens cross the road, one wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket, the other wore a pair of Adidas they where Hi-Tops, the last wasn’t wearing anything. They where walking on a back alley in Japan with noodles in their wings, they where about to attend a rock concert which apparently the Queen was attending, some times she goes to rock concerts…..

    Im in the sky floating and air guitaring with a pair of Skullcandy headphones and rocking out to Kasabian. The clouds around me turned into Epiphone Coronets (my favourite guitar) and they started humming to the beat.

    I start falling and I’m base jumping in Dubai and its awesome.

    the chicken mishap

    My Favourite Guitar

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    Zu tun oder nicht zu tun……………

    Its soo much funnier when Bush does it .....

    So I have a Business BTEC coursework to be handed in today, I havent done much should I do or not do it hmm that i sht e question ………….

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    My chinese friend

    yes this is him mr zhen himself

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