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My town, Their Skatepark

Young,Energetic and reckless , three adjectives to describe a group of guys who are united by two ever so important things,  Skateboarding & Northampton. PoorKid Skateboarding is a skating group, think of a British Dogtown without all the publicity, besides skating they also shoot and edit videos of themselves. Considering their ages and  lack of skating facilities they are doing amazing. Keep an eye out for them,  awesome raw British skating.






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Dressed to Impress

It’s very rare to find a new local band who first of, look the part, but also wear matching attire. When you do stumble upon such a band you are faced with a barrage of unadulterated

no its not upside down

filth.The Mobbs however look “Jolly Good” and having heard a few of their tracks they are definitely worth the mention. Look out for their iconic stickers on a  lamp-post near you.

Where to see them next –


Recommended Track-


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Fuck CDs bring back Cassettes

New Cassettes have been the background band for a bit too long, having been together for about six years and also supporting bands such as The Strokes and Friendly Fires, and to top it off, they were the first band to play at Latitude; it’s about time they receive the public attention they deserve.

New Cassettes

With an EP coming out soon and various other projects running (such as a the launching of a new MTV service and a huge hush-hush project with The Inbetweeners US show), the Northampton band are definitely a “one to look out for”

Top 5 Must Listen :

P.S Listen too all the songs they are all AMAZINGLY AWESOME !!!! and also Tommy Francis is a LEEEEEGEND  (as he likes to say).

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The Dogg in Sheen

Snoop Dogg teams up with Two and Half Men’s famous tiger-blooded star Charlie Sheen, in his new Retro/80’s track “Winning”. Since Snoop’s last auto-tune failure, the Long Beach born rapper has decided to jump on the Sheen bandwagon, in an attempt to gain media attention. The track features the voice of Charlie Sheen repeatedly saying “Winning”; the actor has been quoted to say the song is about “everything in life”. Whether the song is “Winning” or not is another matter.

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Architectural Desserts

Ice-cream sandwiches consists of two cookies and a dollop of ice cream wedged between them , they are quite possibly the best thing invented since the wheel.  The crunchiness of the biscuit/cookie that melts in your mouth as it is flooded with this creamy milky goodness is a sensation that is incomparable and just fucking  mind blowing. 

Coolest Ice Cream Truck Ever

Coolhaus was founded by two women named Natasha and Freya, they started making ice creams and biscuits in Freya’s moms kitchen. Being so inspired by the Bauhaus movement and other architects, they decided to name their imaginative ice cream concoctions after them. They have now moved from their domestic kitchens to 3 amazing ice cream trucks which daily tour around the streets of LA, distributing their edible orgasms.

Top 5 weirdest flavours :

  1. Brown Butter with Candied Bacon (yesh I said BACON)
  2. Mango Sticky Rice
  3. Baked Apple
  4. Pumpkin Pie
  5. Dirty Mint Chip

    Tower of .... Creamza ?

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The death of Muffin Ninja =(

On his quest of power Muffin Ninja incountered an opponent Bandit. Bandit is a deadly pirate asasin, he defeated Muffin in a dangerous tale of lazerness. Muffin is now missing in combat and hopefully will be found, Bandit has decided to persue his victems dream in the quest of learning all the awesomeness ninja  powers. Join Bandit in his quest .


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The legendary tale of Muffin Ninja

Far away in the land of awesomeness, there was a  ninja named Muffin. Muffin was the coolest most epic ninja in the land  but he had to learn all the awesomeness ninja  powers. On his journey to become the most powerful he meet Sensei Samuel,  he had heard of Muffin’s epicness so decided to train him in the ways of  the great sensei Angel.  Join Muffin in his quest of power.



Laid Back and PREPARED TO FIGHT !!!

Muffin testing his fear of death 🙂





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