Bio & Contact Info

My Name is Samuel Munyeza . I was born 1995, September 12 in Harare,Zimbabwe. I now live in the U.K and consider it my home, I currently  attend  Weston Favell School.
This blog is about the things in life that inspire me the things that interest me. I’ve noticed that as you go around in life you see so many things that have inspired and interested you but you tend to forget after a while, so in a way this is my online journal to life. I hope some of the stuff interests you as-well. So this is me to you, terima kasih




Contact Info

Please feel free to contact me on the following mediums :

  1. Email-
  2. Mobile Number – Please inquire by  email
  3. Twitter-





3 responses to “Bio & Contact Info

  1. You NOW live in the uk Sam. Miss Barton would be ashamed.

  2. sam you ain’t educated at all

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