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DDark – New British Talent

DDark is a rapper/producer from East-London, he has worked with the likes of Chipmunk and other great UK Rap stars. As a teenager  DDark was already producing music and rapping;  since then he has featured on Channel U and BBC Radio 1xtra. He has got what I like to call an aristocratic flow which is a mix of educated lyrics and knock-out rhythm. On the producing side of things, he has made tunes for artists such as  Xploder and  Highly Rated, and occasionally dabbles in dubstep, house and electro. Great lyrics, sick beats, watch this space because DDark is about to blow.

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My town, Their Skatepark

Young,Energetic and reckless , three adjectives to describe a group of guys who are united by two ever so important things,  Skateboarding & Northampton. PoorKid Skateboarding is a skating group, think of a British Dogtown without all the publicity, besides skating they also shoot and edit videos of themselves. Considering their ages and  lack of skating facilities they are doing amazing. Keep an eye out for them,  awesome raw British skating.





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Dressed to Impress

It’s very rare to find a new local band who first of, look the part, but also wear matching attire. When you do stumble upon such a band you are faced with a barrage of unadulterated

no its not upside down

filth.The Mobbs however look “Jolly Good” and having heard a few of their tracks they are definitely worth the mention. Look out for their iconic stickers on a  lamp-post near you.

Where to see them next –


Recommended Track-


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Kleerup The Dance Floor …..PARR !!!!

Okay summer has come, the orange tan look has become totally unacceptable and school uniform just horrendous. But anyway we have SUN!!!!! for an African boy like me that’s all you really need to make the people happy plus some “banging” tunes. So here you go fellow humans :

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