Architectural Desserts

Ice-cream sandwiches consists of two cookies and a dollop of ice cream wedged between them , they are quite possibly the best thing invented since the wheel.  The crunchiness of the biscuit/cookie that melts in your mouth as it is flooded with this creamy milky goodness is a sensation that is incomparable and just fucking  mind blowing. 

Coolest Ice Cream Truck Ever

Coolhaus was founded by two women named Natasha and Freya, they started making ice creams and biscuits in Freya’s moms kitchen. Being so inspired by the Bauhaus movement and other architects, they decided to name their imaginative ice cream concoctions after them. They have now moved from their domestic kitchens to 3 amazing ice cream trucks which daily tour around the streets of LA, distributing their edible orgasms.

Top 5 weirdest flavours :

  1. Brown Butter with Candied Bacon (yesh I said BACON)
  2. Mango Sticky Rice
  3. Baked Apple
  4. Pumpkin Pie
  5. Dirty Mint Chip

    Tower of .... Creamza ?


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