I smell a riot

I feel the need to protest maybe its my teenage hormones fuelling the need to go all anarchy and go against society, I don’t care I wanna do it, to feel the “comforting” protection of a riot shield and to hold a truncheon that  I have miraculously taken from a member of the riot police. This is my dream my ambition to fuck with everyone make people smile and also really angry, to spit in the face of mainstream ideologies. I am who I am and no-one can fuck with that ever, so yes this is a rant but also the first speech of a crazed politician, an angry camel looking Libyan dictator. I will don the crown of graciousness and you mere peasants will bow down before me.

To those who approve of the socialist bullshit I have being posting, you deserve a massive medallion …..POWER TO THE PEOPLE BITCHES !!!


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