Rant without your pants

I  am incredibly bored, can’t think of anything to write about. My blog views are always decreasing and I have to change this “problem” eventually. Hmm what to talk about ……… well the news industry is currently orgasming over the events in Libya, the Japanese earthquake was a very shocking reminder to us that life isn’t as perfect as its cut out to be. It sounds all to depressing 2011 has been a very depressing year I guess, Arsenal FC have failed to win any competitions so far and the chances of winning the league (the only competition they’re still in) are rapidly decreasing. How I have gone from Libyian affairs too english football I dont know, maybe it reflects how bored  I am.

Hmm I really would like to eat a ham and cheese sandwich, on the statue of liberty. So here I am the 15 year old ranter talking to the blank wall that is the internet ……. how interesting. Are you bored yet ? ,  if not please contact me at weliveuk@gmail.com, I fail to see how any human being could sit through such mundane nonsense. Rwar i am a strange monkey drifting into that puddle of urine you left on your toilet floor.

Any ways, I would ask how your day is but that would make me weird……..right ?


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