Meet Hazz

There are some girls in life that you can’t forget, Harmony is one of them. “In your face” is the best term I use to describe her, upon meeting her you are startled, scared  yet strangely enchanted and intrigued, she’s the girl with strange colours in her hair, whom you find to be secretly attractive in a crazy funny way.

Well enough about describing her I think you get the point, I met Harmony quite randomly in fact she just happened to be the love of a guy named Finbar, more on him later. After Finbar actually  started going out with her was when I actually started talking to her, and found her to be one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Harmony is very random and also over self-conscious which I find to be the weirdest emotional cocktail I’ve encountered,  she can be all in your face and totally funny at times then she can change and all of a sudden become very shy,  but then again that’s what I love about her, well apart from ….. yeah but lets not go there.

She’s a whole bundle of contrasts mixed together its just amazing. Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my fail of a description.  




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2 responses to “Meet Hazz

  1. Thank you for this! To the most beautiful man— Woman are wonderfully different,and thats the secret to love…learn us!!Were not all the same and thats the secret gift …cool man…you got it!!!

  2. ha ha ha EVERYONE in the lrc has seen this
    so much blackmail material

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