Sometimes school assemblies are rather fun…..

I remember being 12 and in year 7, it was one of those workshop days where the school got a whole bunch of boring and benign individuals and made them stand in front of you and talk. Sitting down in my chair I decided to make myself extremely comfortable, gathering that I would be sitting in it for the next 30-40 minutes I may as-well be comfortable shouldn’t I. So here I am a bratty little 12-year-old kid thinking of the most vile things to call this man after the assembly had finished. He entered wearing jeans and a nice shirt I remembered, I remember thinking hmm he’s rather short, but when he started speaking boy did that change things. THE GUY WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTING …….SERIOUSLY !!!!

I mean he had all these neat diaries and all these stories of him being a journalist, script writer and come on he worked for NME. Back then I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what NME was but now I’m and avid reader owning more than 30 copies of it. I love NME and he was editor of Q. Okay this was just too awesome, too overwhelming it was immense its just mind-blowing maybe im over exaggerating things but oh well, the guy went to the same school as me and had done so many awesome things I think having him only a meters distant from you and actually talking to you was just an jaw-dropping experience. So this post is dedicated to him, Thank-You Andrew Collins for existing šŸ™‚

An Amazing Guy

An Amazing Guy


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