Royalefam-The Family of Legendary Artists

It’s not everyday you come across of closely knit people who all working together to produce something they love and enjoy doing. Royalefam are one of those, their clothing sends out multiple rays of culture and clothing from elements of punk-rock to deep Asian tradition, Royalefam don’t just make clothes to wear they make clothes that resonate your identity, your culture. I was 14 when I found out about them from the first trainer I was hooked it totally stunned me, no one was producing such carefully designed trainers with precise detail, they had all sorts of styles and themes in which they displayed their work I was in complete awe at what they had achieved, from an idea in 2003 to one of the most sought after underground shoe designers in the world.For me that was just too awesome to comprehend

After months I got accustomed to the brand and added one of the most influential members,Mark Ong on Facebook, it was actually really awesome having one of your role models, a person you care a great deal about, accept your friendship request not only that but even talk to you and give you advice. Mark taught me to be myself and do what I love and not care about money because if you are to work hard for money you might as well work hard doing something you love. Mark gave me the best advice I had ever received in my life. With this I’d like to celebrate Mark’s existence and his long-fulfilling legacy.

Awesome Guys !!!


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