Work work work work …pork !

Was at work today, I seriously couldn’t be bothered to get my teenage ass out of bed this morning. I mean work has its ups but I was tired, yesterday was the last day of the half term and getting up the next day was quite a feet. But then again it did give me time to take pictures to show where I actually work, I work in a Butchers no not a meat shop or a meat factory a Butchers. Well its kinda of weird these days to find a 15 year old butcher but I am one so yeah……
Any ways this Butchers happens to be an African Butcher and you cant get better than an African Butcher these days, I mean you got those hilarious African accents going on and the weird random people that come in. We get the most polite drunks coming into our shop, seriously there was this old Irish man who once came in, wreaking of alcohol and he even had a purple faux-hawk for gods sake, and he was so polite with his please and thank-yous he even said goodbye and have a nice day, he brought a smile to my face he did.

From Till View

From Customer View

From Customer View 2


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