The craziness of english

First of all why do you get really interesting teachers in English, I mean mine is Canadian I find that too cool. Any-ways my English started of really weird drawing a figure 8 in our books then writing the first three words that came to our heads, I wrote “Drums,pancake,ball” my amazing friend Jarone then wrote “I am Kangaroo”,I mean if there ever was a need for a “What the actual fuck moment” then this would be on of them. from there we had to “Free write” I think its called where we had to write constantly with out stopping for 5 minutes, writing anything that came to mind. This is where the real craziness began I wrote about three chickens in skinny jeans my friend just did a list of random locations. This is definitely one of my favourite lessons.

P.S there will be future posts of the stuff I came up with

The madness


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