The craziness in english part 2

Okay the whole of this page will be devoted to the first page of randomness I produced in English….so be warned

I saw three chickens cross the road, one wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket, the other wore a pair of Adidas they where Hi-Tops, the last wasn’t wearing anything. They where walking on a back alley in Japan with noodles in their wings, they where about to attend a rock concert which apparently the Queen was attending, some times she goes to rock concerts…..

Im in the sky floating and air guitaring with a pair of Skullcandy headphones and rocking out to Kasabian. The clouds around me turned into Epiphone Coronets (my favourite guitar) and they started humming to the beat.

I start falling and I’m base jumping in Dubai and its awesome.

the chicken mishap

My Favourite Guitar


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