Chaos in Maths

So today wasn’t that interesting apart from the creative writing task we had in English but I’ll talk more about that on the next post. What was interesting was maths, usually maths bores me to the point I find my self wishing I was on a deserted island with nothing but an old camel to befriend but today its was actually fantastically funny. It started of with a slap duel with my Chinese friend Zhen, he fought well but then finally gave up after that we where given our results for the maths mock exam, everyone including me thought we where going to fail, even the teacher he began the listen with a lecture, which I think he made up as he went along, in which he stated how disappointed he was with us how half of us failed and the others did well. Well Mr (Hilter’s Fat Brother) thats what you get when you give us an exam half way into the lesson just after a fire drill. Well to continue, I thought this was going to be one of my routine fails, I’d even took the liberty to write “Bound to Fail” over the front of the exam, but to my dismay I hadn’t failed but had got a B with a mark of 19 out of some random number. YAY ME !!!

Oh and I managed to take a picture of my friend Jonny just as he had given me one of his “I’m going to stab you” death threats….

Epic Fail into an Epic Win

The Stabber………….


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