The First Page(s) …..



“I woke up later than usual, dodgy I guess I was tired. Looking forward to seeing her today, it looks like a rubbish day today but I’m determined to have lots of fun ”

Artist of the day: Sage Francis

Song of the day: Crack Pipes Sage Francis


So that’s the first page hmm what can I say I was 14 at the time and I had just purchased the book. This was also done on a Wednesday morning and I remember it being quite cloudy and grey. The girl I was talking about was a girl called Autumn a girl I liked for all the wrong reasons, sigh the things you do when you’re a teenager. Well basically I had recently began talking to this girl over an Instant Messaging service and had seriously become emotionally attached to her she was a very nice girl but looking back on it I don’t want to be put in the same situation,I guess………

The Artist of the day & The song of the day

The actual first entry

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