Politics Smolitics


“This day seems so shit, so far throat hurts & feel sick. FUCK it im too awesome for this shit. Okay task of the day HAVE FUN !!!! And another thing I cant be asked to like her any more she’s obsessed with S.B (Shark Boy) I have no chance so I’ll just move on hmm C.G (Circus Girl) has always looked beautiful but I don’t think she’ll ever like me sigh ……..

I hate it when kids talk extremely passionate about Politic . When I’m older I’m just going to vote and not chat about it …….politicians DON’T DO JACK ”

I was clearly mad and pissed of with the world at this point, I think mainly to do with the girl that i liked at that moment and how ill i was. It was a Thursday the day after I write the first article, shows a sudden change in thought.



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